Our mission is to make road rage history!.

About Us

At UnRage we are dedicated to providing road rage alternatives. The next time you are in a potential road rage situation we want you to use our free service, avoid a bad situation and send drivers a message without engaging them.

In cases of emergency or when anyone is in danger do not call our line. Instead call the local or state authorities. Emergency incidents should always be reported to local authorities.

Use UnRage to provide a "tip" or two to another driver.

UnRage is one small road rage alternative on the road to recovering our roads.

Why Do We Provide the UnRage Service?

We're drivers. We drive hundreds of miles in traffic every month. We've watched first-hand how bad, rude, slow, and aggressive driving kicks off a chain of events. People get frustrated. People try to make a point. People try to get even. People try to communicate their dislike for other drivers in some insane ways.

We've done it, too. We've been guilty of road rage. We've done the wrong things. We've been pulled in and we regret it every time. We started UnRage so we can avoid road rage. It works well for us. It can work for you.

You can connect with UnRage on the UnRage Facebook group and on our UnRage Twitter page.

The UnRage Car - Spreading the Word About UnRage

It is not Kit nor the Batmobile but this car has a mission. We use this car to evangelize our road rage solution. We need drivers to know about UnRage. This is one of our primary tools for getting the word out. "Evangeline" can be seen on the roads of Massachusetts and New England.

Connect with Us

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