Aggressive driving is synonymous with road rage.

Aggressive Driving

Aggressive driving is not limited to young hormonal males. People with no criminal history, with successful careers, families and a lot to lose become engaged in life-threatening acts of aggression on the road. Policemen, firemen and political officials have all been in the news recently due to their involvement in aggressive driving and road rage.

Tailgating, cutting off other cars, rushing into parking spots and many other impatient behaviors are considered acts of aggressive driving. Bullies are on the road and their aggressive driving is a widely recognized problem.

Police have been attacked and even murdered in their patrol cars by aggressive drivers that have "snapped". It is important for drivers to avoid these road bullies. It is wise to let them pass and stay away from them allowing time to cool off from any emotion that they may trigger.

Aggressive drivers should be avoided for safety sake but these drivers should be reported when possible. Shared data systems and incident tracking are important to identify repeat offenders. The knowledge of such systems can help drivers feel that they have some power and can do something about these dangers. Letting aggressive drivers "get away with it" is something that many drivers struggle with. Drivers want accountability.

Aggressive driving research papers are available on the AAA Foundation website.

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