UnRage.com and 877.416.5556 are FREE services! - Release your frustrations. Rate and review drivers. Read reviews. Find out what others think of your driving.

UnRage = The Road Rage Alternative

UnRage is an automated phone line you call to Release Your RageTM.

Don't give the finger. Don't tailgate. Back off and safely record your thoughts about another driver by using our phone system.

You'll have the option to share your message with all UnRage website visitors and of course you'll have the option to notify the other driver of your message.

Try it out. Call 877.416.5556 toll free now. You can leave a pretend message to see how it works.

We strongly encourage everyone to try it out and store UnRage 877.416.5556 in their phone as a contact.

Road Rage

Road rage needs to be a thing of the past. Let's make it so. We need your help.

Please make a free call to 877.416.5556 and release your rage the safe way.

Road Aggression is Dead Wrong

Road rage is often the result of a misunderstanding followed by aggressive actions that are also misunderstood.

When drivers try to communicate their anger on the road, things go wrong quickly.

People often get injured and even killed in road rage conflicts. The road is not the place for direct dialog.

Don't get angry. Don't intimidate. Don't road rage. Call 877.416.5556.

Please make a free call to 877.416.5556.

Click here to make a test call to try it out.

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