Let's make road rage history!. Road rage can be a thing of the past with your help.

Road Rage

Road rage involves emotional and aggressive behavior by one or more drivers. This often involves the operation of a vehicle in an intentionally dangerous or intimidating way. Gestures such as flipping the middle finger are common. Crashing and physical fights lead to vehicular damage, personal injuries and even the death of one or more people.

Road rage can be sparked by small mistakes or from intentional reckless driving actions. Simple, unintentional mistakes of one driver can be misunderstood as personal attacks by another driver.

Once an incident is sparked, one or more of the drivers involved can enter into road rage. Often one driver simply wants to let another driver know that they did something they consider wrong. This is not possible on highways and can be dangerous and even deadly on any road.

Police sometimes witness road rage activity and can cite one or more vehicles. There simply are not enough police on the road to witness all of the incidents that occur.

Road rage must be eliminated. Systems need to be put in place that will make drivers accountable for all of their actions on the road.

UnRage is one small road rage solution on the road to recovering our roads.

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